About Us


Waymed is one of India’s growing pharmaceutical company.  Waymed is a venture formed with a very defined vision to deliver affordable pharmaceutical products in utmost quality and respecting the humanity. Consistent growth and sustainability is a multidimensional aspiration for all at Waymed we remained focused on providing quality and affordable medicines to billions of ailing patients across geographies and bridging the gap of unmet needs of medical fraternity through continuous innovation. Our basic business philosophy, by its very nature, serves a social responsibility hence we have a far better reason than profits alone to drive our performance.

With our commitment towards healthier lives, we have been offering world-class quality harmaceutical products and services especially for acute disease management. The company runs on predefined process flow abide by international standards in each and every part of the organization. People focused in a technology paved most modern ambience by a team of rich experienced and service oriented visionaries constitutes the whole group and writes golden era of Indian Pharmaceutical Industry.


Ever since its inception, Waymed LifeCare has always been in the limelight at the public media,
The news invariably evoked positive response from the medical fraternity as well as general public about waymed lifecare numerous break through achievements..


Waymed is always peforme on the basis of our team,
To enusre our quality service we managed to maintaine good quality team under well qualified technitions and researches. All our team makes good integrity to enuse our customer satisfaction.


Quality Policy of Waymed is to produce high quality medicines and make them available at reasonable prices,
Waymed thrives in an environment built on mutual respect,transparency,individual integrity and commitment.Improvisation and innovation is a way of life at Waymed , through which through which we are set to scale heights beyond normal reach..


Waymed uses latest technologies from the market to ensure good quality of products.
As well as we are updated to latest technologies we make sure of caring nature and product medicines with good quality to ensure customer satisfaction.